Many moons
  • Many moons
  • 저자 : by Remi Courgeon ; translated by Marion Serre.
  • 출판사 : Walter Foster Jr., an imprint of Quarto Publishing Group USA
  • 출판년도 : 2017
  • 청구기호 : EJ 863-C859m

Many Moons explores every phase of the moon through beautiful illustrations, and compares each phase to a different shape, such as a waxing moon and a banana!
Many Moons shows young children the different phases of the moon, from the new moon to a waning crescent, with a variety of beautiful, bright illustrations. Each spread features a specific phase of the moon, and compares it to different shapes, such as a cat's tail, a banana, or a brilliant smile.
The night sky is vast and beautiful, and to many children, a mysterious thing full of wonder. Why not nurture this sense of early curiosityMany Moons introduces children to basic astronomy. Understanding the moon is a jumping off point to learning about the stars, space, the ocean tides, and so much more. 


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